Sunday, July 02, 2006

Prey 360 Vs Prey PC

I really loved the Prey demo on the PC and 360. And because the game runs better and looks better on the 360 I was going to get it for the 360, but then I seen the £39.99 price tag for the 360 version and the £24.99 (38% cheaper) price tag for the PC version. And because I refuse to buy any-game over £30 unless it is either excellent or the price can't be avoided, I will now be pre-ordering the PC version. If it was £29.99 fine I would have gone with the 360 version, but I play a lot of games, I don't have a job, I just bought a 360 this year and I am not made of money!

Incidentally the physics on the 360 demo suck. It sounds odd and it is, but it's true.