Monday, June 19, 2006

Pop Up HG

Ok so I found this funny, but first a bit of background. In Japan there is a comedian names Razor Ramon who's real name is Masaki Sumitani, but who plays a character called Hard Gay who appears in a slot on a Japanese Saturday variety show. He runs around Tokyo terrifying poor unsuspecting public, but also helping them and enforcing good moral values (see Fathers Day Episode).

So anyway a few months ago I seen the TOMY episode (Part 1, Part 2) where Hard Gay gets TOMY to make a Hard Gay version of Pop Up Pirate. From the episode TOMY makes a limited edition version, but it seems now that demand has been so high for the HG version that they have caved in. And this-morning I seen This (yes they export internationally) which is a little pricey, but is the first version of Pop Up Pirate with Sound Effects.