Sunday, June 11, 2006

More PS3 Rumours and 360 Lineup

The mighty Cell processor in the PS3 might drop from 3.2GHz to 2.2GHz and the power supply might have to be external like the 360's all because of a supposed overheating issue.

In other news sales of the 360 seem to be levelling off much sooner than expected and to my mind that is because of the lackluster lineup. I bought it for Oblivion, but that is also available for PC, I bought Rockstar's Table Tennis, but that was because I wanted to celibate finishing uni a little and that was the only game under £30. And Arcade has only had one new arcade in the past month despite Microsoft saying they wanted five to six titles a month.

Coming out for the 360 next week is nothing.
The week after Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires which doesn't interest me.
The week after that Call of Duty 2 (GOTY Edition) which I would buy if it wasn't so expensive.
And the week after that Chromehounds is released, which I want, but it is going to have to get a good report for me to shedout that kind of cash. Over G Fighters is also released that week, but that just looks a bit pants.

Still we got Gear of War, Dead Rising and Mass Effect to look forward to this year, and they have all of which have received positive press from those that have played them.