Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Crystal Ball Gazing (E3 2006)

For E3 there are so many rumours flying around here is a summery of what you can probably expect:

  • Will be showing off a few new titles (this is actually confirmed).
  • Putting a lot of E3 content up for download from Marketplace. Including videos and some playable E3 floor demos.
  • We will hear all about the new camera accessory. Which will be used by the up coming UNO card game on Arcade.
  • And I suspect they will also launch some new Live! Arcade titles during E3.
  • The name of the Revolution finally spoken.
  • Playable floor demos.
  • No pricing.
  • No launch date.
  • Something about an American DS launch.
  • A cover-up on how badly the PSP has been doing with movie sales AND games sales.
  • Redesigned controller unveiled.
  • More CGI movies from top Hollywood studios showcasing what Sony would like their games to look like.
  • Talk about the online hub and how wonderful it is going to be, but with a mention that "we are not directly competing with XBoxLive!" as if.
  • Playable games running, but only on dev kits behind closed doors.
  • Possible price announcement.
Additional: This year Microsoft will have 165 game stations!