Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Starforce Just Went Too Far

Starforce one of the many copy protection systems that publisher put on game disks to prevent piracy, has decided to start forcing immediate reboots on users computers if anything suspicious is detect by their embedded software. No word on what a suspicious action might be, but because I don't like my system rebooting without my consent or notification (making me think there is something wrong with my system) Here is A List of games that I am now boycotting (I am going to impose a new level of boycotting for these and refuse to acknowledge their existence).

To see if Starforce has installed it's driver level DRM copy protection on your system (like it was on mine):
  1. Right click on My Computer from the desktop and select Properties.
  2. Select the Hardware tab at the top and click the Device Manager button
  3. On device manager click View -> Show Hidden Devices
  4. Then scroll down to see if you have anything with Starforce inthe name.
If you do then you should download This Tool witch will ask you to reboot your system to remove the drivers.