Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oblivion Soundtrack and Final Year Project

I got the Oblivion soundtrack from DirectSong to tide me over until the game is released. And listening to this, I realise what my final year project could sound like if I had enough time. I haven't said on here what my final year project is because it is an idea I am developing. Needless to say my project involves a lot of audio, but the quality of that audio is at the moment is horrible (because of time and complexity). If I had more time to get it to the level of the Oblivion soundtrack then I really think it could change peoples perception of gamming and storytelling. A place we have been, but abandoned over flashy graphics.

Maybe I will develop my system further once I have graduated to try and get it to a higher standard, but with that and a job it would be a very slow process.

Still working on my compilers assignment (finishing touches). Turns out the three algorithms that I implemented that I thought where a was of time, weren't because after I implemented Table Compression I created another algorithm that used one line of code from one of my first three techniques to reduce the final datasize by about 20%. Not sure what my lecturer will make of it because the enhancement is so obvious, but it isn't in any example of Table Compression that I can find so this might be something new.