Friday, March 17, 2006


It came thismorning and it's birthday on the serial strip is two weeks ago. Been playing Outpost Kaloki X which is a game I almost bought for the PC, but it was just a little too much for what it was worth, but with arcade I think it was only £6.

Out of box experience for the 360 is excellent, not like opening a Microsoft product at all and my hard drive came with twelve music tracks, an Adidas and Warren Miller Films ads. Plus Hexic HD which isn't my kind of game, but it was a nice surprise. There are a couple of things which aren't perfect with the 360 like how the console is effectively useless while it is downloading content. And the console and powersupply does seem to run very warm, but I truest Microsoft have looked into this closely.

I had a play around with the Media Connect and that is excellent, but for all this cool stuff I still don't have an actual game disk to put in the thing. Not that it matters because I have been playing demos and Outpost Kaloki for the past few hours. If Sony can match the quality of the 360 then I will get a PS3 too because the level of craftsmanship here is amazing. Plus with Live there is always something to do and I don't think I will ever be board of the games I have with this as there is so much here.

Anyway my GamerTag is Decompiled feel free to send me a Friends Invite if you haven't already. Now I am going to download some more demos and finish my Compilers assignment. Wanted to do that thismorening, but woke up late and got distracted.