Thursday, February 02, 2006

A Very Cold Day

It was a very cold day today, but on the way to uni as I turned down a road leading there I seen a guy lying by the side of the pavement and parked up next to him on the road was a yellow council truck (one of those ones that goes around trimming hedges, collecting litter from parks etc). On this particular road I have seen strange things before like an old guy wearing a hospital gown, slippers and jacket walking in a dazed state in the direction coming from the hospital. He even had a hospital wristband on, but I didn't know wither to ask him if he was ok or not because he might have just been going for a walk, but today I didn't expect to see anybody lying on the pavement with it being such a cold day.

I wondered why he was lying there and if he was alright. A few people walked past him, not even taking any interest just keeping to themselves. As I walked to wards him I wondered if I should see if he was alright. When I got closer I could see he was a homeless guy, no socks, lying on his left side in a slightly huddled position facing away from the road, but lying very still. I asked the driver of the council truck parked next to him if the guy was alright and he just looked at me and nodded slowly. Looking back at the guy I realised that the he was lying very still. Some scratches on him so he might have been in a fight, but it was a very cold day indeed today.