Friday, February 10, 2006


Still not tried my Prototype, got in today for my weekly meeting and my supervisor is off ill (a few of the lecturers have been doing the vomiting thing recently). So having spent the rest of my time trying to get a package delivery company simulation running I just want to go bed now. The package company needs fixing as they are loosing 60% of their business to their rivals through taking too long to confirm packages.

Lots of work to do, no sorry GODLIKE amount of work to do. I could work solid for weeks and still not get everything done. If I am not doing assignments, I am making revision notes or reading case studies and catching up on lectures.

I'am a little bit concerned with my final year project as it is weeks behind, but looking great. I think that means I should reassess my expectations, but I have so much other work on I am finding it difficult to get concerned about because after everything else is in I will still have time to work on that.