Saturday, February 11, 2006

News Catchup

Thought that I had better catchup on some news and there has been some interesting stuff come-up recently.

  • There are some Achievements Microsoft doesn't want people to have

  • Portable Planet has released some Screens for a PSP Nintendogs Clone, but without the touchscreen and microphone it is more like a Dogz clone.

  • There is an article Here that suggests the PS3 will do very badly and the article's key point is:
    Until now, it's been widely assumed that the Blu-ray drive that will make it's way into the PS3 will be single-speed. If true, this choice could be disastrous. Blue-ray single speed transfers data at a constant rate of 36Mbps (Megabits per second) or 4.5 MBps (Megabytes per second). Sound impressive? Think again. DVD single speed is rated at a little over 1.32MBps max. A 12X DVD, such as the one in the Xbox 360, transfers data at rates between 8.2 and 16.5 MBps for an average of around 13MBps. This article from Gamespot provides all the details on transfer speeds, but simple math should show that there are some serious concerns looming with a single speed Blu-Ray drive. So, all things being equal, a 20 second load-time on the Xbox 360 would equate to just under 60 seconds on the PS3!
    So if the PS3 has a x1 speed Blue-Ray drive the load times will be very bad indeed. And that might explain why all the current PS3 game screens have had terrible textures (no I am not counting MGS4).