Friday, February 17, 2006

Governing a Company

The United States of America is not a Democracy. It is a Federal Republic which is a type of government that shares power with many smaller governments called States.
A Republic in effect a Monarchy, but instead of having a King or Queen as a central figure, it is an elected official called a President.

The United Kingdom is also not a Democracy. It is a Unitary State (also known as a Non-federal Government). In this system a central government that distributes power to lower regional local Councils, Mayors and Assemblies, but the central government always maintains central control.
In the UK's case it is also a Constitutional Monarchy where power is shared on a constitutional level between the Monarchy and the Government.

A Democracy is a type of government where the majority opinion of 'the people' choose how they all should live.

I have been looking at this because I realised today that most companies have either Monarchy or Communist styles of management. Companies are far smaller than Countries so this is why bad forms of management doesn't have such a noticeable effect on the company as it would a country. Plus people are happy to work for bad management while they are being paid and while they can't find anything better.

Knowing this I question how companies are run and wonder if there is a new management model that could be created from looking at how countries are run.