Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hands-on @ VE

"You can do anything you want except walk through the burning ring of fire."
And that is what all the journalists have been told when playtesting Oblivion because the developers wanted to leave something undocumented for players to find.

Anyway Voodoo Extreme has a great Preview of Oblivion with some desktop sized (1280x720) pictures on page three.

There are a few things in the preview which I liked, quest objective locations being marked on your map now and:
"Your grab hand indicates red if the item you're about to take will get you in trouble with its owner."
Something finally that tells you wither what you are about to take will piss an NPC off or not. RPGs have needed this for years, but never had.

I am very much looking forwards to Oblivion. A supposed twenty hours of gameplay just to complete the main quest is my idea of a game, instead of these afternoon jaunts which I have been playing for the past few years. Still haven't properly played a game in years because I have always been doing assignments and so been grinding games instead of playing them (needed to get them done so they don't impact on my work). Still I have been in a kind of gaming rut for years and it has been a combination of titles bing too short, having crap stories and unrefined gameplay (star wars Empire At War being the most recent offender). So it is my hope that Oblivion is the game that makes it worth me buying a 360 after I finish my final year project (last console I bought was an N64 and that was just for F-Zero).