Sunday, February 05, 2006

Danish Embassy in Beirut Torched

The Danish Embassy in Beirut has been burned. Nobody was hurt in the building because the embassy staff moved out a few days ago and all the other companies in the same building did so too yesterday, but this is a senseless attack.

So some paper prints a satirical cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb shaped hat. It was a stab at the view that all Muslims are extremists and turn to violence to solve their problems.

When the cartoon was published what should have happened was that the Muslim community boycott the paper in protest and send in angry letters asking for an apology. This would ave gotten results and if they didn't feel this was enough they could have gone further and organised a march or petitioned the government. As it is however there are thousands of angry Muslims torching buildings in Beirut that haven't seen the cartoon for themselves and are simply enforcing the satirical view taken by the cartoon. These people are demonizing themselves in the eyes of the world and don't even seem to realise.