Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Working Priorities

Since Christmas I have done quite well to keep on track with all my assignments and things have been going ok. I have avoided playing any new games because that would distract me and put me in a mode where I have to complete the game before I can do any work.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on reasoning) I have gotten distracted with one of my assignments. It is probably the last one that will be handed in, but I have been almost exclusively working on my Compilers assignment for over a week now. The task being to create an application that demonstrates table compression. It's not finished, but the challenge of finding ways to maximise compression while still retaining the benefit of being able to read data inside the compressed class directly is actually fun.

Anyway I think I can easily get the compression ratio higher than the standard 40% and that might just be me being overconfident because I haven't actually measured the results of my implementation yet, but the whole thing is soaking up time. I should have the prototype of my final year project up and running Thursday or at least very near complete and that is still very possible, but my mind is on my compression algorithm.