Friday, January 06, 2006

Post 1000!!!

This is my thousandth post. Weren't sure if I would be running this blog that long, but it looks like I have. Not had much to post as of late because I have been working on my final year project still, which I am not sure how much I should or can say about. I would post code from it, but then when I hand it in for marking it might get flagged for code existing on the internet. Still looking at my time plan it looks as if I am on schedule after spending the everyday last week working on it.

Anyway I was trying to think earlier if I should do something every one thousandth posts to kind of mark the occasion, maybe impart somekind of knowledge or show a picture of a cake. I still think the idea might be a bit tacky as my normal style would be to just keep it short and say what I had been doing, but I will give it a go just to see how I feel about it.

Ok so first bit of imparted knowledge is that, having spent seventeen years of my life in education and six years of that in higher education I have never liked any of the courses I have ever been on.

Let me explain. With every course I have started it with high hopes of what I might learn and in every case I have been disappointed with the content. It is normally a four stage thing:
1) YAY [insert course or module title], Hack the world!
2) We aren't going to hack the world!? Just say Hello to it!
3) This is a wast of my time, just give me a pass so I can leave!
4) Thank god that was over (throws certificate in folder)

Then months or even years later I see something or get asked something that relates to what I was taught in that class and I go "wow I did learn something". So the moral of that story is, all courses are crap and never what you expect them to be, but stick with it because you might get a certificate and years later might find you leared something and be happy you got that certificate, doctorin or whatever.

I think the problem is that I take courses where I don't know anything about the subject, so then I get annoyed when I don't learn or cover what I expected. This is probably the primary reason why people leave courses before they finish.

uuhhh... Don't know how I feel about posting that, big text little content.
beh, submit anyway, it's either this or that cake idea.