Wednesday, December 28, 2005

define: Game

I have been looking at a lot of definitions for the word Game and it strikes me that none of them have any inclination on the concept of Fun. Games can be indeed not fun or not entertaining, but to leave this from any definition seems tragic as any-game which isn't fun or entertaining isn't going to be considered much of a game from any perspective players viewpoint.

So anyway here is my definition of Recreational Games that I will not be including in my final year report because there is no president to define games as being fun.
A game is any interactive activity that is fun or entertaining, which follows a set of predefined rules and requires cognitive interpretation on the part of one or more participant/s to reach a set predetermined goal/s.
All the definitions of Game that I have read always include something about quantifiable outcome or goals and the interesting thing here is that Will Wright's games don't have these. So in many respects Sim City and The Sims aren't Video Games at all, but more accurately described as Video Toys.