Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Free Copy Of Visual Studio Express

I have gotten confused in the past few days about all this and you can't buy it at retail yet, but Visual Studio Express is out right now and you can download a copy right now for free!

This is how it works. Until November the 6th 2006 Visual Studio Express Basic, C#, C++ and J# will be free to download and register from Microsoft as a special offer to get more people using .Net. After that period you will have to spend $49 to register an Exspress copy. I am assuming they are doing this to promote VS2005 because there are a lot of VB6 developers who are scared of .Net and a lot of other developer that are only just discovering .Net, so this free offer does make alot sense from a future business perspective.

You can download and register a free copy right now from The Visual Studio Express Homepage.

Right now I am recompiling my apps, testing and looking for site hosting so I can shove a few of my apps and sourcecode up onto a website.

WARNING: If you currently have Visual Studio Beta software install you must uninstall the software and THEN the Beta 2.0 Framework. If you do this the wrong way around you will have to format your computer to get Visual Studio to work again.