Friday, November 04, 2005

The BBC Sucks At Technology Coverage

So I watched the program that I Talked About Earlier and it turned out to be a Money Program report and the whole thing was bad. I know the BBC doesn't do technology coverage very well, but having young mothers giving their opinions on the 360 was laughable at best because the mothers had no clue what it was, they aren't gamers, they weren't interested in gaming, there wewen't gadget or technology orientated epople, they probably don't have the time for games because they have young kids and so are probably a hardest demographic to market gaming to. Probably more so than grandparents even because at least grandparents have the time to play games. Young mothers barley get enough sleep and expenses like new TVs or a wardrobe are usually put on hold because they are trying to adjust to the added existence of having a new child.

There wasn't a single mention of Nintendo in the program and there was a perceived assumption from the program makers that the PSP and 360 are in the same market, when we all know that the handheld and home console markets are very different and that most gamers aren't advesre to having one of both because they don't have to share the same space in the living room, whitch home console systems do.

Anyway there was an interesting comment by the Sony European guy who when the interview was conducted (pre PSP launch) said that he fully expects the PSP to be this Christmas's number one gift. And I find that highly unlikely, but if Sony does a last ditch marketing campaign then I think they could at least compete against the 360 for that spot.