Friday, October 14, 2005

Stupid Technology Journalists

Be warned this is a vent post.

Some newspaper and magazine journalists write utter crap, but especially John C. Dvorak who recently wrote This Charming Little Bit Of Crap about Microsoft's OneCare program.

OneCare is an Antivirus product that Microsoft will offer as a subscription service. Dvorak has taken the stance that Microsoft is charging people for flaws in Microsoft's software, and OneCare could be seen as that, but he completely fails to mention that Apple and Linspire already offer similar subscription services.

Microsoft could offer the service for free, but Microsoft prices products by the number of features they have. So the price of Windows would have to include a five year subscription for Antivirus updates (not good if you don't want or need it, better to give people the option).

The guy is an idiot and so is Mary Jo Foley for writing such crap as The 'Dirty Little Secret' About Longhorn where she talks about how Vista isn't built using .Net. Yet She fails to mention that nobody every said or implied that it would be built using .Net.

Bloody jernalists that don't research or even backup what they are talking about.