Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The PlayStation 3 Incident

Not happy with this post, but got to get this off of my chest because the whole thing is looking like another Sega Saturn.

I just seen Gabe's comments mentioned on Slashdot and I jut realised that if PS3 games are not potable to any other platform because of the overwhelming differences in the architecture, then that means that titles on other consoles won't appear on the PS3 either.

So potentially the PS3 will see no multiconsole titles. And as crap as these titles usually are, that is not good for Sony.

Recently there have been comments that the blue-ray drive is costing Sony $100 per PS3. And if that is wholesale price, that is not good.

Then there was the comment from Nvidia about the graphics capabilities of the GPU bing less than the currently available GeForce7.

And in general nobody has anything good to say about the thing, not even Sony's Ken Kutaragi. He said he wanted customers to think "I will work more hours to buy one" and "We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else". That suggests it is going to cost a bomb.

As far as marketing goes Sony has been comparing the PS3 to a supercomputer and nothing else. Things are not looking good.

They only way anybody could be positive about the PS3 at the moment, is if they made a leap of blind faith and just assumed that everything is going to plan.