Friday, September 16, 2005

Nintendo Revolution Controller

I am not impressed, but I think IGN says it best.
At which point a mix of excitement and confusion set in. This is a bold step for Nintendo. It will seemingly exclude the Revolution from a lot of third-party release. They'll all have to be tweaked if they hope to work well at all. So, this creates a rather large uphill battle for supporting the system with a consistent flow of content. However, the exciting part is that most games that are actually made for Revolution will be very unique and that's what Nintendo is aiming for. Unfortunately, as the DS has proven, unique doesn't always equal better gameplay. Nintendo will have a lot to prove when it finally chooses to reveal real, polished software that's supposed to represent how Revolution will play. That is going to be the crux of Revolution entirely, because without a consistently fluid experience, this could also easily be a flash in the pan or something altogether frustrating. We have to wonder how it might be holding your arm in the air for an hour or more, and if that will cause any frustration.
The controller is not revolutionary, not when you can Buy It For Your PC today.

Revolution is still the code name.

You can Download the controller demonstration from IGN, but I don't think any games where shown.

I can't see myself using this and waving it around in the air because I would rather play siting comfortably with a traditional controller. I use games to relax, not as an excuse to destroy living rooms.

Still waiting to see the full presentation, but I don't think it will be anything more than Iwata holding up the controller and smiling.

Additional: GameSpy has a Gallery of all the current Revolution pictures.