Friday, September 16, 2005

Nintendo 2005 TGS Speech

Watch the streaming video Here.
  • Nintendo is attempting to halt the decline in the gaming population.

  • Trying to create simpler and deeper games (if that is possible).

  • No game videos or screenshots where shown during the talk.

  • No new titles where mentioned during the talk.

  • No mention of online support except WiFi support for Animal Crossing DS and Mario Kart DS.
I didn't even realise that there was a decline in the gaming population, but Nintendo seems to think there is. I am surprised that they are ignoring the possibility of expanding online and seemingly ignoring the international market.

Anyway I think I know where they got the idea for the controller. See if you watch a none gamer try to play a video game they will jerk the controller around as if that would do something, and that is where I think Nintendo got the idea for this new one.

Additional: GameSpy has the conference video as a Downloadable (without queueing).