Saturday, September 24, 2005

New Darwinia Demo

My Biggest Moan with Darwinia was the gesture control system, because although it sounds cool, it certainly didn't add anything to the gameplay and more often than not I found myself frantically failing to draw a gesture in the heat of battle. Well Introversion has rebuilt the interface with a more traditional approach and released a New Demo and Patch incorporating the new design.

Originally I was just going to give a link to the demo without playing it because I am busy with lots of other stuff, but that just isn't my posting style.

I love the new interface and the demo level is excellent too, providing a better tutorial that was in the first release of the game, and a far more interesting level to play on than any in the first release of the game. If the didn't have plans to make a sequel before I hope they do now because this is much better (level isn't filled with Red Virus needlessly and it has an interesting objective).