Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Microsoft's New Mice and Keyboards

I was just wondering yesterday wither Microsoft was going to launch any laser mice products, and they are.

They have launched This Website that profiles the new products with a flash demo on the Useful Links section for each (except the gaming mouse). And out of them all, I really want That New Ergonomic 4000 Keyboard. I mean I have gotten on well with my Microsoft Natural keyboard with the split keys, but the 4000 looks like a huge improvement.

I still don't know if having the keyboard split has made a difference because I am not at uni trying to typeout a 3,000 word essay in one sitting, but I haven't had any significant pain either. I have occasionally has a soreness in my mouse hand, but I don't know wither that would be more sour if I had a standard keyboard or not.

I do take this whole computer ergonomics issue very seriously because I have had times where I have typed so much that it hurts in the morning. And I can see myself having a successful career using a keyboard and mouse. So the thought of having a medical problem caused by crap equipment is frightening.