Sunday, August 21, 2005

Stop IE

I was having a look at This website titled stopIE and reading it I realise they are full of BS. The idea of the site is to convince people that they should abandon IE.
  • Prone to viruses and worms
    Not if you leave autoupdate on and FireFox has had more security vulnerabilities exposed in the past four months than IE has.

  • Renders pages incorrectly. Web designers then need to spend extra time working so that pages work in Internet Explorer. This puts costs up, and slows the web down.
    If you put the page's !DOCTYPE tag at the top of the webpage then IE will use the correct rendering engine, otherwise it has to use a special compatibility engine. And just because IE looks different to other browser's, some people think that IE is broken somehow.

  • Doesn't let people resize certain text sizes. This means those with poor sight cannot read small text on many sites.
    That will happen if you use a pix value.

  • Far slower program than other web browsers
    That is yet to be proven, but I don't see it. Not when FireFox takes so long to start.

  • Far larger program than other web browsers
    Not sure about that, but you should have the disk space, otherwise you should seriously consider getting a bigger drive.

  • Isn't as user-centric as other web browsers. It lacks many handy features such as tabbed browsing and integrated search
    Coming in IE7.

  • Doesn't support PNG images properly
    The alpha layer (transparency) support is coming in IE7.
I don't know why they didn't attack it's CSS support, but that will be fixed in IE7 too. Microsoft does very well when they need to, but they don't maintain all their code. Especially what they don't believe to be broken.