Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gaming Industry Insider Podcast Idea

After listening to so many podcasts of late I have this urge to do one myself, but I know it would be a huge mistake. I am an introverted guy, so me talking about stuff would be dull and make me feel very awkward, but podcasting seems like a great way to get a message out there. This has put me in a difficult position because I have a desire to tell the world what is wrong with gaming and how it can be better. Even talk about stuff that I haven't posted about because it is too indepth that I can't be bothered typing about it. Like the whole innovation in gaming post I have wanted to do for so long, but realise that it wouldn't be an accessible read for anybody.

Me doing it would be a mistake because I would say a lot of unpopular stuff too, but then I would only be saying what developers around the world already think now anyway. So it would be so cool if an industry person was to do an anonymous show riping the industry and telling everybody how it is, and should be. Currently the only time developers do this is at the GDC and that isn't accessible to all, so the greater gaming population don't know how angry developers are, and it doesn't have any community following outside the industry.