Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Vent Post

Not posted much because a good friend of mine has been kicked out of home and she has noplace to go. Her mum is not helping and being very selfish, but her mum is very Christian so a lamb that is easily led.

Kim's mum won't forgive her, have her back home, say what she has done wrong, have a civilised conversation, be sympathetic or help Kim find a place to stay.

Seriously her mum needs some time to herself because she is being a selfish bitch that has thrown her daughter onto the streets with no support or guidance. She is trying to wash her hands of Kim while still saying she loves her. I told her that was a very strange way of expressing her love, but nothing I can say will get through to that woman.

The options open to Kim at the moment are to try and get her own place Monday or contact her mum's church's Vicker to see if he can talk any sense into her.

Effectively this whole thing has been caused by her mum not establishing any kind of dialogue with her daughter. She thinks her daughter has been led by friends into drinking and smoking, been sleeping around, disrespecting her behind her back, steeling money and been associating with the wrong people. All this is in her mum's head, but since she has been implosive about these supposed issues and hasn't spoken with her daughter about any of this, it has gotten to this stage.