Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random Idea -> The Long Distance Restaurant

Imagine a restaurant chain where there is one in London and the other in New York for exsample and you had a loved one or business partner that was at one location and you are at the other.

To make that distance less important with communication you could meetup at the LDR. It would work by customers booking a connected table for two at both restaurants, and at each restaurant the connected table consisted of one table with one place to site and a video conference setup so you could eat your dinner with whoever at the other restaurant, but still have a connected experience so that you could still have a personal experience with someone.

Long distance relationships are difficult because even though you can phone someone, when communication you are always aware of the cost of that communication, and the communication is limited and made less personal by the fact you only hear that other person's voice. So I think a web-conference setup with an added dining experience would go a long way to making web-conferencing an excepted part of making and breaking businesses or just helping people stay in touch.