Thursday, July 14, 2005

Podsafe Music Rocks

Now I have never been a big fan of radio because I always found myself listening to something I might partially enjoy, but it just isn't me. With podcasts I can pick and choose, but it is more than that because as much as I love .Net Rocks I don't find all the shows interesting. So podcasting allows me to fast forward past the boring bits or only listen to the shows that interest me.

The list of podcasts that I am subscribed to is growing and I have ordered an MP3 player now because just sitting here listening is taking up too much of my time, but if I condense that by listening while I am travelling or doing something else, then I can effectively reclaiming back my time. I have tried reducing the number of podcasts I am listening too, but it isn't happening because the more I listen the more shows I add.

I just finished listening to a show of Fly With Me which is a show by a guy who currently works as a co-pilot (being promoted to pilot) and he records all the cockpit voice recordings and edits them into a show. Some airlines have this as Channel9 on the in-flight radio, but he edits it into a very good podcast.

Currently downloading all the Harry Potter related shows of Catholic Insider (you have to checkout that site design) and that is run by father Roderick Vonhögen who podcasts from inside the Vatican.

Right at this very moment however I am listening to Accident Hash which is a show purely filled with podsafe music. Now podcasts can't play record company licenced music because that would be piracy and they aren't agreeing to allow people to download it to their hard drives for free anytime soon, so there is now this growing culture of podsafe music where independent artists allow their music to be played on podcasts and so the term Podsafe was born.