Friday, July 01, 2005

I am Brook's Wasted Enthusiasm

Not much has been happening, played Guild Wars for the best part of today and found a load of quests near the start which I had forgotten about. And I wrote some dialogue for #3 and some ideas for future #s. Yes I have a huge story going on that I worked out in the bath the other night.

Since I started it I have quickly rearlised that writting dialogue as a new importance in comics than in a pure text story. You might have a good story or you might have a crappy story, but reguardless of the qualty of the story, with a webcomic the dialogue can carry a story reguardless. And with webcomics dialogue is even more important because it removes the writter's ability to be creative with the mental visualisation of what is happeneing. I might decide to abandon the project all together at some random point, but many times I have considered doing a comic and always I have told myself no, because I am no artist. Yet after looking at comics like Little Gamers I question how much a comic actually relies on the artwork. Obviously the artwork takesover from the writer's descriptivenes of a scene and in return making the story quicker to consume and more accessible, but wither that artwork is a pice of art or just character placeholders all depends on the importance the writter places on the visual aspect of the story.