Friday, July 29, 2005

Finding A Gamer Lover

Fargo has an Article featuring a unscientific test that can be preformed on any perspective mate to assess their gaming credentials.

If you want to meet someone who is into a specific scene like a gamer then you should go to selective hangouts. For a a gamer you should hangout at gamer hangouts, if you want to meet someone who loves going out to clubs then a club is a good place to look. Star Trek conventions for Trekkies and if you have a fetish for people with a German accent then I suggest Germany. Gaming shops used to be good for meeting gamers, but I think now you really have to go to LAN events.

Meeting the right person is difficult, but hanging out at the right places and actually introducing yourself to people is a good way of increasing your chance of meeting the right parson. The internet is too random for that, and sitting at home isn't going to do you any good. My fast-track tip however is to meet friends of friends, because you can quickly be introduced to several potential candidates in a relatively short amount of time.

And finally, yes I am struggling to think of anything to post.