Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogs Working Passively Against The Blogger

This Article over at The Chronical Of Higher Education website is an article about an interviewer's opinion of blogs and how they effect the blogger's chances of getting a job. As a whole the article is very insightful, but my favourite observation was:
The pertinent question for bloggers is simply, Why? What is the purpose of broadcasting one's unfiltered thoughts to the whole wired world? It's not hard to imagine legitimate, constructive applications for such a forum. But it's also not hard to find examples of the worst kinds of uses.

A blog easily becomes a therapeutic outlet, a place to vent petty gripes and frustrations stemming from congested traffic, rude sales clerks, or unpleasant national news. It becomes an open diary or confessional booth, where inward thoughts are publicly aired.
And that is essentially why I started this blog, because I wanted findout what drives bloggers to vent publicly, even to the point of self destruction. Before this blog I would occasionally let loose an unpopular opinion on a forum and then be rightly flamed, but this blog is my world so that provides grounding for opinionated posts and probably makes them not sound so bad. Honestly however I haven't written such a post since I started this blog and that is because when I write one of those posts, I realise how it sounds and I don't want that kind of hateful post being part of my world.

Anyway after thinking about how a blog would effect an applicant's job prospects as talked about in the article, it is clear that negative blogs with lots of hateful venting will have a negative effect on a blogger's chances of getting a job. So presumably positive blogs will have a positive effect on getting a job. And if that is true, then it proves the existence of Karma.