Thursday, June 23, 2005

XBox360 Launch Titles

The XBox360 has twenty Seven launch titles and I have had a look at them all for your convenience, but the launch list is OK, not great, but then it is the longterm game portfolio that counts and that is why I think the Revolution will not do so well.

Alan Wake
About a writer, looks like a survival horror, but is described as a psychological action thriller.

Burnout: Revenge
The next gen followup to the current king of the XBoxLive racing games.

Call Of Duty 2
As if nobody was sick of them a year ago, yet another WW2 FPS.

Dead Rising
Survival horror with zombies.

Dead Or Alive 4
Beat-em-up with boob physics.

A Clive Barker third-person action game where you play a demon and have to wreak havoc on the world of man (looks very cool).

FIFA Football 2006
Nothing has been released about this title as of yet, but as a shot in the dark I think it Will be a football game, but that is just my opinion.

Final Fantasy XI
Next gen port of the FF MMORPG for the PS2.

Frame City Killer
Free roaming action game like GTA, set in the future where you play an assassin named Crow.

Gears Of War
Third person Survival horror shooter, a cross-genre title, but the game looks sweet. Set on a distant Human colony where aliens have emerged from underground to kill the conalists, you have to stay in the light and kill to survive.

The Godfather
Third person action game based on the film.

Post-apocalyptic MMOFPS.

James Bond From Russia With Love
Third person action game.

Kameo: Elements Of Power
Third person action adventure game, where you play a girl that can transform into different animals.

Madden NFL 2006
Bla bla bla.

Described as an adventure game and I know nothing more.

NBA Live 2006
I think I need to go out and get some milk.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Driving game wannabe this is more about pimping your ride than ever using it.

The Outfit
Third person shooter set in WW2, now that's something different.

Perfect Dark Zero
FPS made by Rare, and if that isn't enough to get you to buy it then don't bother.

Peter Jackson's King Kong
Action game about the big ape, but everything I have hared from people who have seen this running behind closed doors has been screamed. There is apparently no HUD display and you play as one of the human guys and the big ape himself.

Project Gotham Racing 3
Driving game followup to one of the XBox's best.

Quake IV
FPS where you play a guy trying to fight off an alien invasion.

Third person killing spree.

Test Drive Unlimited
An MMOR, that being a Massively Multiplayer Online Racing game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006
I wonder if the programmers at EA are happy with the work they do, I mean stifling the art and all that.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 3
Tactical FPS.

To sum it all up:
Three racing games.
Two survival horror games, one with zombies and the other without
Two WW2 games (WTF)
One beat em up
One possible point and click adventure title
Three third person shooters
Four EA castoffs
Four MMO games, one RPG, one first person shooter and the other racing
Zero singleplayer RPGs
Zero strategy games
One GTA clown
One game by Mr B
Three games based on old movie franchises
One game that will be said to be a kiddie game
Two first person shooters
Ten third person shooter

I think the most surprising thing on that list apart from the fact that the industry is still churning out WW2 games, is that there are three MMO titles there.