Saturday, June 18, 2005

VB6 to VB.Net Performance Increase

Microsoft has a Benchmark Document studying the performance difference between an online shop built on VB6-ASP and VB.Net-ASP. The document's conclusion reads:
The benchmark demonstrates that the Nile application implemented using Microsoft ASP.NET running on Windows Server 2003 outperforms the same application implemented using Visual Basic 6.0 and COM+ by 584 percent on an 8-CPU system running on Windows 2000 and 716 percent over NT 4.0. In all tested scenarios, it is demonstrated that a customer can obtain significant value if Windows Server 2003 platform is adopted in the customer’s enterprise.
The differences are staggering, but I have also heard that PHP gets a performance boost when compiled as a .Net language too. So anybody running an online shop should take note.

ADDITIONAL: The PHP.Net project is called Phalanger.