Monday, May 16, 2005

MMOs That I Have Played

Anarchy Online

Asheron's Call 2
Fun, but too much running required to do simple things and no markets, so you have to buy everything from other players. This sounds a good idea, but it didn't work for me.

EVE Online
Gorgeous looking game and fun, but you have to get into the community to get anything out of it.

Worst looking MMO I have ever played and just couldn't get into it.

EverQuest II
Just didn't get into it.

Guild Wars
Still playing.


Lineage II
You have not known treadmill level progression until you have played Lineage2. I spent three days on a tiny island, not being able to move too far off of it because I would die easily and all around you there are hundreds of other players hacking away at an infinite supply of monsters.


Good, but you can't win or loose. So there really isn't any point in playing.

Ragnarok Online
Didn't quite get it.

Was a free Java game when I first played it, but they have gone the way of something else now.

Star Wars Galaxies
The developers purposefully make things very difficult for the players, just to slow them down, and it makes the game feel contrived.

The Matrix Online
The dullest environment in any MMO, and possibly the worst combat system. That's not to say it is a bad combat system, it's just that it isn't very good.

World of Warcraft
Nice, but there is a lot of running and the game has little depth beyond the simple questing structure.