Tuesday, May 17, 2005

FilePlanet Download Manager 2.0

I have actually been waiting a few years for this, but finally FilePlanet has a proper download manager of their own. Get it Here and if you want a download to try it out on, checkout FilePlanet's E3 Files List.

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It only works with FilePlanet and unlike GameSpot's downloader, isn't a P2P client, so all the bits are coming directly from FilePlanet servers. I have added a test file from a public server, just to if the client will automatically start downloading once I am first in queue, but version one did, so I think this will too, and that is excellent news for none subscribers.

EDIT: It looks like it has been programmed using .Net.

EDIT: If you use the public servers you CAN queueup as many downloads as you like and it will automatically start those downloads when it is your turn.