Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I should be revising, but a new version of Azureus is out and it includes two amazing new features.

Jolted Peer Cache
If you are connected to an ISP that uses this, you might be downloading some of the file you are downloading directly from your ISP because the server side code saves the most transfered bittorrent bits that are transfered over the ISP's network on their server, so they can transfer it directly to you instead of honouring an external connection. So for example if everybody is using bittorrent to download a new trailer of the Half Life 2 expansion pack for exsample then the ISP can save a lot of bandwidth by giving you the file directly instead of having to honour external connections to every corner of the globe.

Distributed Database
When you download a file Azureus will tell the DDb that you are transferring that torrent. Then if the tracker goes down, you can ask the DDb who else is transferring that file and still get it. This goes even further by allowing you to get files from torrents where the tracker is already down when you start transferring the file.