Monday, April 18, 2005

Student Loan Online Form

It's that time of year again and Once Again I have had a problem. Last month I got a letter telling me that the online application form would be up in April, and after a good experience with the passport office's online application form I thought I would give this one a go too. So I go there and tried to login, but it won't let me in. So I phoned up and it turns out that the system doesn't go live until the 27th (why it doesn't tell you that on the site I don't know).

Anyway the operator mentioned that the online application form was actually slower than the paper based application because with the paper based one you just fillout the form and send it to the LEA, but with the online one, it is sent to the LEA, then to you to confirm the details, and then back to the LEA. So actually the online form is slower than the paper based application.

I told her that I thought online applications where supposed to be quicker and she just laughed.