Sunday, April 10, 2005

Speed Coding - Hello World

Just for fun I thought I would time how long it would take me to program and run a graphical (i.e. not command line) Hello World application in Visual Basic Studio 2005 Express (Beta 1).

If you doesn't know, a Hello World program is the first thing you code in any language because it teaches you how to output text from code to the user.

In total it took me fifty six seconds.
Twenty eight seconds where wasted waiting for a blank project to load and so only twenty one seconds where used to code, compile and run the program once the blank project had loaded.

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Then I tried the same thing in HTML and that took thirty one seconds, but I stumbled with a spelling error so it could be done quicker.

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I would try the same thing in JAVA, but I think it would take more than a minuet even if I did know how to do it off the top of my head because of all the imports you have to do, and the wrapper you have to code to get a graphical window to appear on screen.

Now wasn't that FUN!