Monday, April 18, 2005

Psychonauts - One Step Back, Two Steps Ahead Of Everybody Else

The Psychonauts Demo is out (FilePlanet, FileShack) and I did only download this because I know the developers have had trouble getting a publisher. Apparently it was too creative and original to be published, but actually I see it as a step back from what the industry is currently doing (low investment and high profit, tacky rubbish).

Basically you play this guy who goes to Physic camp training to be a psychonaut. Effectively it is just a third person platformer (kind of like the recent Harry Potter games), but what I see is a return to the day of Lucasarts adventure games with the quirky humour and exaggerated characters. The character design reminds me of Tim Burton, but the game has more of a driven feel, with more of an emphasis on story and character development (if you play the demo you will see the huge opportunity for sequels that this presents).

I know that it is fun because of the concept the game puts infront of me and the story it presents, but the game has a quality feel to it that I haven't felt in years and its just got that great gameplay feel about it that makes me want to play more.

My only hope is that the full game is longer than twelve hours because games seem to be getting shorter and shorter.