Saturday, April 02, 2005

Koorb Does Podcasting

I have known of podcasting for a while now, but never bothered looking into it because I thought it was just people playing their kind of music, but I was wrong and I am making up for it now with this post.

I have tried out a few shows and the two only video gaming related ones I could find aren't as hot as I would have liked. ChatterBox needs to update more often, and in the current episode they have a big stab at the Microsoft's GDC coverage without understanding anything about what Microsoft is doing with .Net or Managed code or how that will be intergrated in XNA, so they do come across at a little amateurish at times. Lunabean on the other hand needs to talk less about what they are doing with the website and stock prices. I mean they have a whole section of the show dedicated to stock prices and it is wrong, but the sound quality is good and the first half of the show is a joy to listen to.

The two shows that I have really gotten into are .Net Rock! and Mondays which are both produces by Pwop Productions.

.Net Rock! is a weekly show dedicated to .Net developers, it is funny and informative (yes programming is now funny).

Mondays is the goodness of .Net Rocks, but without the geeky developer stuff and it is the highest quality podcasting talk shows I have hared yet. They have some great content and that is where I got the info on that Star Wars Episode 3.5, so please go listen to it.