Tuesday, April 12, 2005

E3 2005 Lineup

IGN has posted a List Games Coming To E3 2005.
No mention of Quake4 or the HalfLife2 expansion.

All the Next-gen games listed.
  • The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (Next-Gen, PC)
  • Dark Sector (Next-Gen)
  • The Godfather (PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Next-Gen)
  • The Darkness (Next-Gen)
  • Perfect Dark Zero (Next-Gen)
  • Condemned (Next-Gen)
  • Metronome (PC, Next-Gen)
  • THQ Untitled Console Game #1 (Next-Gen)
  • THQ Untitled Console Game #2 (Next-Gen)
Nintendo's full list.
  • Advance Wars DS (DS)
  • Animal Crossing DS (DS)
  • Dance Dance Revolution with Mario (Cube)????
  • Donkey Konga 2 (Cube)
  • Fire Emblem: Souen no Kiseki (Cube)
  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (GBA)
  • Geist (Cube)
  • Kirby: Cursed Canvas (DS)
  • Mario Kart DS (DS)
  • Metroid Prime Hunters (DS)
  • Nintendogs (DS)
  • Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball (Cube)
  • Odama (Cube)
  • Super Mario Bros. (DS) Again!
  • The Legend of Zelda (Cube)
If it wasn't for Zelda being on that list Nintendo owners would be feeling very neglected.