Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Active Refresh Problems

The best RSS reader in the world is hogging my RAM. It uses 20MB minimum and I didn't notice when I first put it in, but its not sitting well now.

I only have 512MB, but 20MB! For an XML reader! What the hell does this thing need to store in memory anyway?!

So I have three options.
  1. Overhaul computer (and it does need it)
  2. Just upgrade the RAM
  3. Make my own RSS reader
Option one would be great if I didn't want to go to PAX and when I do upgrade next I want a dual core 64Bit system. I know 64Bit doesn't mean added performance, but 64! MAN! That's like 4GB per application!

Option two is reasonable, but I want to do option one, and when I do any RAM I would have bought will just be chucked (ye like I can afford to wast money like that).

Option three sounds more like my kind of thing, but it will be a few weeks before I finish my Tic Tac Toe program that I am currently doing (top secret stuff here) and I still want to finnishup and publish my System Up Timer's source, but to do that I need to make it the best I can. I mean it is already far better than 90% of the stuff you find on those source websites, but I want to add some XML comments and make it just perfect (yes i am a Virgo, this is what I have to putup with).