Thursday, March 10, 2005

XBox2 Points and Versions

I was going to post this earlier, but I was round Bill's stealing his music collection.

I was reading GameSpy's info on the XBox2 earlier today and This second part about live support sounds great. Basically all games have to support a new points system. You will be awarded points by doing things in game, like completing it on easy, medium and hard or killing so many people in an hour. From there you can use those points to buy downloadable content over XBox Live.

Currently there is some content on Live which must be bought to be played, but this takes Nintendo's points system that they have been using, where you get points for buying Nintendo products for free rind-tones and crap, to the next level and a little beyond anybody else's reach because Microsoft is the only one that has a fully functional, integrated online experience and I can't see Sony or Nintendo getting anywhere near where Microsoft is for at least the next five or six years.

Another thing people seem to be forgetting is that the XBox2 will come in three different versions:
  • A cheap one without a hard drive.
  • One with a hard drive.
  • And one with a copy of Windows Media Centre Edition which will seriously rock the boat because Nintendo didn't integrated DVD into the game cube, saying that to blur the line between gaming and other devises was wrong. Well WMCE integrates everything you connect it to, and gives it a glorious funky interface. You can findout more from the horse's mouth at Channel 9, but this one feature could explode Microsoft's market.