Friday, March 11, 2005

This Retirement Thing

I know that I said I was retiring from being a gamer. And I did for a good two weeks, but gaming has crept back into my life. I have stopped spending so much time playing games now, but I still do all the other gamer related activities that I used to, minus the checking of some news sites (IGN, EvilAvatar etc).

As much as I have tired to avoid gaming related stuff I can't do it because I am the kind of person that finds an interesting avenue of reading and then leaps in every time to findout how far it will take me. And the fact is that gaming is such a funky topic means that I can't help myself.

I have learned that I should probably put gaming second to everything else because rushing to complete a game so I can get on with an assignment that is due, isn't the best way to manage a workload or even my personal life. Darwinea took me twice as long as it should have to complete, but that’s because I actually stopped playing it when I had other stuff to do. Hell I used to complete most games in just two play sessions is how bad it got.

So I have changed the blog description to describe what I actually talk about. ‘Gaming, The Video Games Industry and Stuff’