Friday, March 11, 2005

State Of The Blog

I originally setup this blog to understand what motivates bloggers and to understand what the social implications or even the dangers of blogging are. So that's what these 'State Of The Blog' posts are really about. Recaps on this research process, but the recent addition of comments has made me realise that people actually read this rubbish and it has made me very conscious of what have been posting.

I have occasionally written a post and saved it as a draft post (yes you can do that with instead of posting it, usually because the post didn't have a final point to it, but since I enabled comments, most of my posts have been draft posts because I have been so conscious of what I have been writing and I have been more busy trying to think of acceptable content to post, than simply continuing with the flow of this blog.

So this has put me in an odd position where I am reading back through my older posts trying to understand what style I used to post in and why I posted what I did. And looking back the common trend seems to be short posts about whatever was on my mind at the time (like this one).

When I titled this blog I expected to write the odd bit of hateful deprecating journalism that just makes the writer look bad, like the Nintendo Has Lost The Plot post, but I haven't written as many of those as I was expecting and for reference my crappiest post to date, I think was my post about Half Life 2, but I don't find these hateful posts interesting to write about. They have been few and are simply just posts to get something off my chest.

So expect more short rants about programming and obscure rubbish in the future.