Tuesday, March 08, 2005

State Of The Blog

If you note at the top right corner of this page it says 'Anime and Stuff', that is supposed to be the description for this blog, but I haven't talked about anime much at all.

In other new1s the first episode of brand spanking new Dr Who has been leaked onto the internet. I did rent a few Dr Who episodes on DVD a bit ago and the old black and white episodes are far better then any of the crummy Mc Coy ones. Partly because the Mc year's cliffhangers always involved some alien jumping out or pyrotechnic explosion, and Ace shouting "DR!" *cut to music*

So when Dr Who was cancelled, rather than a death, it was really just the Dr disappearing, to reappear later with a completely different production team, and in an age where special effects don't have to involve rubber, model kits or smoke bombs. Dr Who has always been ahead of it's time (even now), but I truly believe that this time the BBC will be able to do it justice for generations to come. Fingers crossed anyway.