Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Peter Molyneux Speaks

GameSpy has interviewed Peter about Fable for the PC and B&W2. The video is downloadable on FilePlanet in WMV, QuickTime [Low] and QuickTime [High].

The poor fellow is obsessed with this perfect RPG/strategy/GOD game of his. He keeps reinventing the same game over and over again, but always falls short and settles for something smaller in scope (due to technological restrictions). You can see it in every singe one of his games and he is obsessed.

I have seen reacuring patters in my own design diary and it took me a long while to shake it off, but poor Pete can't even keep his gob shut about his aspersions. So now none of his fans believe a word he says about his upcomming games.
Poor fellow, yes yes, 5000 troops VS 5000 troops. I will believe it when I see it.