Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Game For Mother's Day

I went Morrison's to pick something up and they where completely out of flowers. Just a green skeleton of a flower stand remained. Thats was ok though because I hadn't gone there for flowers for my Mum because I got her flowers the last two years running and I don't like being predictable. No for my Mum it was a nice bottle of red wine that I know she likes.

It's interesting to see how some shops put on a big spread for mothers day and others just don't bother. Maybe the gaming industry could one-day promote games for mothers day, and that will probably happen in the future, but the industry is still lacking that kind of content that would be suitable for such an occasion.
Yes I know the kind of game i am talking about has never been made, but people buy films as thoughtful gifts, chocolate, clothes, flowers and even wines, but games are not yet romantic, thoughtful or considered a good gift for mothers day. Shame on the gaming industry I say.