Friday, March 18, 2005

14 Lecures Later

I have chosen my module choices for year four of my course. I am kind of happy with my selection, but its too early to tell wither any of the modules will be good or not. Hopefully I will be allowed to drop one of my choices because I have already done a level 3 module in the last semester, since I didn't do a 12 month placement.

I have successfully managed to avoid all JAVA and Ethics modules, but I think I might have one involving SQL. I say I think because I was so tired filling out the form I can't remember what I ticked. There is a Systems theory module which was recommended by my Innovation lecturer and that actually extends from my Innovation module so that should be good, I also ticked a simulations module that looks at process bottlenecks and one on Compilers. I chose five and two reserve in case all the places are fulled for one, but since I filled in the form today there is a very good chance that I will get all my choises.